Saturday, December 17, 2011
Eric W. Dolan, Raw Story
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Sen. Ron Johnson: Only Bad Workers Make Minimum Wage

Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson (WI), argued that it is foolish to raise the minimum wage because only bad workers earn minimum wage.

[Raw Story] “Bottom line: when you’re a good worker you don’t stay at minimum wage for long,” he said. “Trust me on that. It’s not universal, but trust me as an employer, as an employer I certainly didn’t want to lose good employees. And so you actually have a better marketplace. And so if your employer is not paying you good wages and you’re a good worker, you go look for other places.

Here's what you need to know about Mr. Johnson's work ethic: He married the daughter of a billionaire. His father-in-law is self-made industrialist Harold Curler, owner of Bemis plastics, who not only gave Johnson his first job, but every penny of Johnson's fortune.

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