Sunday, March 28, 2010
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Original Rush Limbaugh is a closet Francophile

There are few media personalities who bash the "elite" more frequently than conservative hate-monger Rush Limbaugh. Yet the decoration of his Park Avenue apartment, which was recently put on the market for $13.95 million, would seem to contradict the venom he regularly spews at wealthy liberals.

Limbaugh's Fifth Avenue penthouse apartment sets a remarkable standard for tackiness. As a consequence, we have chosen to show these images in full color to prove that ridiculous amounts of money can't buy taste or elegance. 

Limbaugh's master bedroom would have made Louis XV proud ...

Limbaugh's Bedroom

Gold leaf, flowing drapery, a ceiling mural with playful birds. It's not a stretch to conclude that Rush sees himself as royalty. Nonetheless, he was naked in this room.

Now that we have successfully burned that thought into your cerebral cortex, let's move on to the master bath ...

Limbaugh's Bedroom

One can only hope that his neighbors didn't have a clear view.

Next up, the guest room ...

Limbaugh's Bedroom

I can only presume that Rush liked to dress up as the Skipper for brief interludes with Percocet and Gilligan.

The study ...

Limbaugh's Bedroom

Note: All the books are the same height.

The living room ...

Limbaugh's Bedroom

Finally, we wrap our tour in the dining room ...

Limbaugh's Bedroom

And, there she is ... You didn't think you'd get out before seeing a replica of Winged Victory, did you?

Taking into account the proliferation of gold leaf, nature and mythological themed ceiling murals, fake art, billowing drapery, and ostentatious fabric patterns, it can be argued that Rush was attempting to recreate his own poorly reproduced version of Versailles. How, then, would you categorize the mishmash of interior design styles?

We'd argue that the combined migraine-inducing effect most closely resembles Rococo, as in French Rococo. As in the period that most immediately preceded The Revolution.

Conclusion: Rush Limbaugh loves France.

Our sincerest apologies, France.

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