Princeton Study Concludes America is an Oligarchy

Big corporations, the ultra-wealthy and special interests with a lot of money and power essentially make all of the decisions. Citizens wield little to no political power.
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Plutocratic Paranoia

Paul Krugman dissects the plutocratic mindset.

The Brittle Grip, Part 2: A Must-Read From Josh Marshall

Josh Marshall explains the disconnect of the wealthy perfectly in this superb op-ed for Talking Points Memo.

85 people own more wealth than half the world

The World Economic Forum begins in Davos, Switzerland, Oxfam International has released a new report called, “Working for the Few,” that contains some startling statistics on what it calls the “growing tide of inequality.”

Charting Global Corruption

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 serves as a reminder that the abuse of power, secret dealings and bribery continue to ravage societies around the world.

The Political Threat Of Soaring Inequality

Insight into the acute social and economic crisis of our time: Wealth Inequality.

9 Out Of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About Wealth Inequality

Wealth Inequality in America: Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

Televangelists are Crooked! Who Knew?

Six of the top televangelists in the country are under investigation for skimming donations from their godly duties to pay for 10.5 Million dollar mansions, Lear jets, and Rolls-Royces.

Russell Brand on Revolution

“We no longer have the luxury of tradition. But before we change the world, we need to change the way we think." ~Brand

Steven Cohen Plea May Cost $2 Billion Penalty for Insider Trading Scam

Potential Deal in SAC's Insider-Trading Case Could Top $1.2 Billion.

To the victors belong the spoils

Robert J. Samuelson discusses how a “spoils society” de-emphasizes production and fuels conflict.

95% of 2009-2012 Income Gains Went to Wealthiest 1%

Recovery? What recovery? The wealthy are doing better than ever. While the rest of us have yet to see any improvement in our day-to-day existence.

Butcher of Hama Sells Paris Mansion for £60million

[Daily Mail] Syrian dictator's brutal uncle 'The Butcher of Hama' accused of massacring 25,000 people sells Paris mansion for £60million to Russian tycoon.

Feds Seek $6 Billion from JPMorgan

[Reuters] U.S. government housing finance authorities are pressing JPMorgan Chase & Co for at least $6 billion to settle lawsuits over bonds backed by subprime mortgages.

JPMorgan investigated for bribery

An SEC investigation is underway attempting to link JPMorgan's hiring the

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Jesse Jackson Jr. Will Be Wearing Pinstripes

Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., the civil rights leader's son who once

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North Carolina under attack by conservative multimillionaire

Art Pope, a conservative multimillionaire, has taken control in North Carolina,

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Fabulous Fab Gets Rightly F’d

[Skimm] Fabulous Fab, as he liked to call himself, can now be renamed Fraudulent

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SAC Capital Finally Indicted For Fraud

[DealBook] Federal authorities, under fire for handling Wall Street with kid

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Cashing In On Easy Money

George Packer unpacks the Star System: The system infecting American society

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Former Arizona State Representative Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud and Tax Evasion

Richard David Miranda, a former Arizona state representative, pleaded guilty

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6 Ways 1 Percent Control Our Elections

According to the Sunlight Foundation, in the 2012 election cycle, 28 percent of

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Rick Renzi, Former AZ Congressman, Convicted In Corruption Case

Former Arizona Republican Congressman Rick Renzi was convicted on 17 of 32

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Sean Parker’s $9 Million Wedding

Former Facebook president, Sean Parker, was wed this past weekend to Alexandra

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Will Steven A. Cohen Get Away With Fraud?

Hedge fund manager Steven A. Cohen is the founder and chairman of SAC Capital

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Apple Avoids Paying $17 Million In Taxes Per Day

Apple's aggressive tax avoidance schemes have been labeled by authorities as

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Privileged Idiots

Paris Hilton waxes poetic about her victimization in "The Bling Ring".

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Big Banks Rigging The System, Again

[DealBook] Under pressure from Wall Street lobbyists, federal regulators have

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Prison profits skyrocket on promises of “growing offender population”

Private prison operators are enthusiastic about the prospects of high

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